Why are Ivy League Students Fasting?

November 17, 2020

Intermittent fasting is the most effective diet there is, and we are now finding more and more benefits to fasting outside of weight loss.

The most recent trade is in the top Universities in the USA. Students are using fasting to get an edge over another student, especially in competitive schools. Fasting gives you a mental performance edge and awareness by changing your whole hormonal structure by letting insulin levels fall and counter regulatory hormones go up.
Here's my 5 benefits to a fasting diet that you don't get from other diets.

1. It's easy

No counting calories, no low-fat stuff, no 10 step meals. You just don't eat, that's it.

2. It's flexible.

It gives you freedom to eat some of the foods that bring you joy without feeling guilty.

3. A weight loss guarantee

If you aren't eating, you lose weight.

4. You can plan around things in life

You don't want to be a downer or miss out on the wonderful moments which usually involve food. You can fast before or after. And fasting gets easier and easier the more you do it.

5. You can incorporate fasting into any diet.

If I had to recommend any diets to follow that I've seen successful and here to stay, they would be paleo, mediterranean, and the ketogenic diet. You can do intermittent fasting with any diet to accelerate weight loss. And it works!
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