5 Life-Changing Benefits of Doing a Weight Loss Challenge (and 1 unfair advantage)

September 23, 2020

If you’re anything like the majority of people, you’ve probably been thinking about changes you’d like to make in your life for the upcoming months leading to 2021 since 2020 has had so many challenges for all of us. While it’s certainly been a year to remember, bushfires, storms and then COVID have impacted many of our abilities and focus to achieve our goals. But let’s be honest, we still have 3 months left. And a lot can happen in 3 months when we’re committed and focused. So if you’re keen to shift the dial in your life, I invite you to join me and to finish 2020 strong and bring on a better year in 2021!

 When we start thinking about the changes we’d like to make, the best strategic position for positive change to your physical health and fitness may be an incremental self-improvement instead of a fad diet or ultra rapid weight loss.

Whether you have a few pounds to drop to fit back into your favorite pair of jeans after some extra stay at home time, or if you have a more significant amount of weight to lose after allowing it to slowly pile on over the years – your best solution might just be a weight loss challenge.

Before we dive into WHY a weight loss challenge might be the best solution you didn’t know you were looking for, let’s talk about what we mean when we say “weight loss challenge”. For the purpose of this article, we’re considering a weight loss challenge to be a program overseen by fitness or medical professionals. The program would have a clear start and end date with reliable measuring, tracking and documentation throughout. We’d even go so far as to argue that the very BEST challenges will also involve some kind of cost because the more skin you have in the game – the more seriously you’re likely to take it.

Okay, so now we know what we mean by weight loss challenge, let’s talk about our favorite benefits. Here are 3 benefits of completing a weight loss challenge, and I will give you one unfair advantage to go along with it:

1. Weight Loss

Okay, this one’s obvious, but who among us wouldn’t be happy to step on the scale six weeks from today and see that we’ve dropped a few pounds? The weight loss is one of the benefits, but the largest benefit is the path of discipline. Discipline leads to meaning and in the path of discipline you will become wiser. It doesn't need to be perfect from day 1, it may not be, but by compounding over time and it can change your whole attitude and life. 

2. You’re going to learn a ton of new skills

You’ll get tips on eating healthy, new ideas for workouts, and you’ll learn that you are much stronger than you thought you were. You’ll get a wealth of new inspiration to raise yourself further, so that when the challenge is over, you can keep building, keep the momentum going, instead of stalling out when your routine starts to feel stale and uninspiring.

3. You’ll be healthier physically and mentally!

That's what this is all about. With health comes a sense of well being and lessening stress. Consistently trying to improve each day is amazingly beneficial to finding a hierarchy of improvement in many ways. Also, there's great biological evidence for this now that if you put yourself in a new situation, then new genes code for new proteins and build new neural structures and new nervous system structures, which means there is actually more to you when you take on a challenge. It's like building brain muscle and the bigger the challenge you take on, the greater your biological potential.  

4. Positive Reinforcement

Goal setting is an important part of any challenge because it gives you milestones, small accomplishments to celebrate along the way, and who couldn’t use some positive reinforcement when they’re really working hard to make changes in life? So, celebrate the milestones and let them fuel you to take on larger challenges!

5. Community

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller

This is an incredible quote because it comes from someone that broke down many barriers that were stacked against her. And it really captures the importance of community, for each and every one of us. As the saying goes, "there is power in numbers”. Why do it alone, when you can be a part of a positive, encouraging, and uplifting community that is all working to transcend their current selves? Losing weight is difficult enough! You don’t need to go through your weight loss journey alone. What's super cool about this is that it's one step on a long journey, and one step today puts you in a position to take a larger step the next day. When you hear about the stories, struggles, and challenges that other people are going through, it helps you to feel motivated, inspired, and that you’re not alone. This is crucial on those days when you feel like giving up, or feel like you’re never going to reach your health and fitness goals. Plus, knowing that you have a community of people to vent to, talk to, and share your wins with (no matter how small they may be), is very motivating.


Note: as with ANY exercise or diet program, you should ALWAYS consult with your doctor before beginning any new programs.


I personally participated in an 8-week challenge and it was one of the best things I've ever done!


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Get healthy. Stay healthy.


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