Belly Fat Burner 21 Day Plan

November 14, 2020

Flatten your abs and blast away stubborn belly fast in no time at all. Here's my belly fat burner plan to tone up your tummy, lose weight, strengthen your core, and get rid of stubborn flabby skin.

Follow these 3 changes I made in this plan and you'll be looking great and seeing those abs in weeks!

To start, this is my interpretation of some of the top diet and physiology experts in the world. The doctors and researchers involved in the science of my plan are well past any fad diet marketing or low-calorie or low-fat diets. The reason is low-calorie and low-fat diets are unfulfilling, unhealthy, terribly unsuccessful, they go against our human nature, and all the evidence suggests this.

Below is in detail exactly what I did step by step with no step skipped to lose 20 lbs, firm up my body, grow muscle mass, strengthen my immune system, improve my sleep, take 2 minutes of my mile run time, and flatten my belly in 21 days. 

Change #1. Intermittent Fasting Diet

Throughout history, some of the greatest minds believed in fasting for health, alertness, and longevity. Ben Franklin, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Mark Twain, all believed in fasting without any of todays concerns. Then the 60s came and the food companies came in and promoted snacking. The American diet then went to a grazing culture of eating 3 meals and snacking which fueled our obesity culture by promoting a constant eating culture, which raises & keeps our insulin levels high and our body stays in a calorie storing mode, no good.

If you have extra body fat, then fasting should be of no concern and can be the best possible way to lose weight, prevent disease, and reverse obesity related diseases. And simply put, fasting is not eating for a period of time and it works equally for men and women, and all the evidence shows no difference in the effects or benefits with gender.

Here's was my intermittent fasting schedule by day.

Week 1

I fasted Day 1 and Day 2. The fasting days consisted of black coffee (cream is allowed), peppermint tea, and water, sparkling water with no added sweetener, and water with apple cider vinegar. Bone broth is something that is also included in the fasting regimen, it's tasty and simple to make, but I didn't drink any (stay tuned to my youtube channel for a quick bone broth recipe video coming up).

For the next 5 days I had 3 meals a day without too much limitations. Carbohydrates I avoided for 3 of the 5 days were potatoes, rice, and bread (except Ezekiel bread). Fruit I avoided were bananas, apples, mangoes, and pineapple.

Example meals

Breakfast was a combination of or all of these. Scrambled eggs with avocado, greek yogurt and blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. Lunch was a protein (beef, salmon, chicken, or turkey), sauteed vegetables and ezekiel bread.  Dinner was similar to lunch, but I did eat until I was full or satisfied. A good addition was that I did add extra butter (grass fed) or oil (extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil) to everything else I ate. Avoiding rice, potatoes, and weren't as hard as I thought, but not having spagetti and garlic bread was a challenge.

Mistakes during week 1 were eating too many almonds and snacks. I also drank beer 4 out of the 5 non fasting nights on week 1.

Week 2 

I followed a 24 hour fasting chart for a schedule where I skipped meals on the days corresponding to the chart. My meals were similar to the above. With the continued fasting, I did add some carbs. Day 2 I had mashed potatoes, turkey and stuffing, Day 4 I had pad thai rice and curry. 

I did have 3 to 4 cocktails each night, and I still didn't give up the beer, I'm not perfect with discipline. Less beer, more wine or drinking a spirit with seltzer water was my goal for week 3.

Week 3

I followed a 30 hour fasting chart. Less beer and less alcohol. I eliminated rice, bread, and potatoes completely this week. I did have a piece of cheesecake and I ate meals until I was satisfied. I never counted one calorie and did my best to stick to unprocessed foods. I cooked with butter, and I still haven't kicked the cocktails, but I've made progress. Down 20 lbs by end of week 3 and the benefits of the fasting changed my energy and mental clarity as well as my body.

Feel free to shoot me an email at hello@ph-naturals for any questions about fasting and I will have a video up shortly of 6 different fasting regimens for each body type and weight loss goal. Always avoid calorie counting low-fat, low-carb diets because they go against human nature. We are creatures that are meant to eat until full, and fasting allows this, and kicks your body into autophagy (a method of cellular recycling which I will go into detail in a video later this week).

Change #2  - 30 minutes per day HIIT workouts and a mile run

HIIT workouts are the fast moving plyometric exercise routines. These burn fat like crazy if you are doing the intermittent fasting diet. I did these each morning around 8am, before breakfast because that is an ideal fat burning time. These aren't easy exercises by any means. In fact, the first week was brutal. Important to know, if you are out of shape, the beginning will always be tough, but it sets you up to take a slightly bigger step the next day, and then a slightly bigger step the next day and then before you know it, you are starting to stride. I signed up for for their 14 day free trial and then I paid the $10 a month after the 14 days (I have zero affiliation with this company).

I only missed two days of working out for job reasons. The workouts I chose were Sculpt w/ trainer Leandro Carvalho, Max Out Power w/ trainer Shaun T, Power Sculpt with Joel and Jericho, but there are 100s to choose from. You can start with the beginner and choose HIIT and you'll be on your way. 

I also did a mile run each day. My mile time improved close to a minute in the middle of week two and was down over 2 minutes by the end of week 3. 


The addition to this plan was my hesperidin supplement you can buy here. It accelerates the weight loss process by inhibiting fatty acid synthesis naturally which means less fat deposited and even more fat burned.

Even though I recommend my supplement with every diet, the other changes will give you fantastic results and we will never say that you need our supplement to attain your goals. Our supplement is just a natural accelerator, but it's within your reach to attain your weight loss goals fast, and healthy if you follow exactly what I've laid out.

If you are someone that is looking to lose more than thirty pounds, I would consider continuing fasting and doing a 36 hour fast 2-3x a week.

Good luck and feel free to reach out to me at any time! I'm always here.

We are now on Amazon and you can buy it here.


Clark from PH Naturals








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