Autophagy, weight loss and disease prevention | What is autophagy?

November 14, 2020

What is autophagy?

Autophagy explained is this. It's a process in the body where your body starts to hunt down old, damaged cells & then takes the proteins within the cell apart. Then, puts them back together to make a new healthy cell, which codes for new parts of you. It's amazing! And this can mean firm healthy skin, weight loss, anti-aging, and a whole list of ways your body can be better and we will get more into that below.

How do we get to autophagy?


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The best firm guess, and most powerful evidence is that autophagy starts during a water fast. Somewhere around 18-30 hours is probably the maximal level of autophagy. This is the period of time your body starts to break down proteins for energy and that’s what it’s breaking down during autophagy, are the parts in the cell, which is a type of protein. It’s not the glucose. So during the initial part of the fast, the body is using glucose. At around 18- 30 hours, you're using protein and that’s where the body is starting to break it down. After you get past 30 hours or so, then the body is switching mostly into burning body fat. So it's conceivable that autophagy may go down as well.

Health benefits of autophagy

During a water fast is where your body will activate autophagy. But if you’re using one of these fasting variations, that includes calories or certain broths we've stated, which has a lot of protein, it's possible that your body will stop autophagy, so the water, tea, and black coffee are the your best bet to keep your body in autophagy. The disease fighting and prevention benefits associated with autophagy are starting to be discovered. There’s some evidence to support that this cellular repair process can help fight and prevent diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, anti-aging, treatment for Polycystic ovarian disorder, type 1 & type 2 diabetes, and of course weight loss.

We encourage the diet of intermittent fasting for many health benefits and the most effective and healthy weight loss. Japanese physiologist Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2016 for his research on autophagy, a physiological event where you body starts looking for old damaged cells, then takes apart the proteins in those cells and puts them back together to make a new healthy cell.Autophagy is a fairly new science and there’s an enormous amount of research currently going on, which means there are many benefits yet to be found.

Autophagy can solve loose skin

How can autophagy help you if you’re looking to achieve weight loss? Well, one of the biggest concerns if you’re losing weight while fasting and going low-carb is excess skin. Where does it go to? Am I going to need to see a plastic surgery to get rid of it? Those are questions you might ask yourself. And though we can’t guarantee fasting will eliminate it all, we have seen it help a ton with people of all ages and regardless of gender.. As for intermittent fasting, doing three 36-hour fasts or three 42-hour fasts a week should result in quite a significant amount of autophagy, which would really help keep you firm and ward off disease. However, since we know that protein may interfere with autophagy, it’s best to try to do as pure of a fast as possible. This means sticking to water and occasionally taking a pinch or two of sea salt throughout the day if you feel a little dizzy or have a headache because this will help with electrolytes. We are firm believers in the science behind autophagy and we encourage you to look more the health, weight loss, and disease preventing benefits. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks to hack your way to a better you.

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